Fun Hanukkah project painting with dreidel


Fun Hanukkah project  painting with dreidel

Fun Hanukkah project painting with dreidel
Today we celebrated fourth day of Hanukkah. Hanukkah is a “festival of lights,” celebrated with a menorah lighting, special blessings, traditional foods, dreidel Hanukkah gelt and presents for children.
One of this holiday tradition is to play with a “dreidel” dreidel is a spinning top bearing four Hebrew letters, nun, gimmel, hei and pey, an shortening for nes gadol hayah po, “a great miracle happened here”).
Kids love spinning the dreidel and playing game with it for coins, nuts, or candies.
This time I tried to upgrade the dreidel play – adding an artistic side to the spinning top. For this reason I came up with a simple but fun and colorful way to paint with dreidel.



All you need for this activity is a dreidel, papers, Gouache or finger paints and a baking pan with high sidewalls (to prevent the color splashes all around)

Fun Hanukkah project - painting with dreidel 4

When you have all things prepared, just dip the tip of the spinning top in color and spin the dreidel on the paper and see how it creates beautiful patterns and colorful splashes.
My 7 year old daughter enjoyed this Hanukkah project alot and played with painting dreidels for hours. She tried different colors, used various dreidels and spined them at different speeds.

Fun Hanukkah project - painting with dreidel 3
Resulted patterns and colors were so pretty, we thought it could be fun to make something out of them. But i guess we will leave to our next project.

Fun Hanukkah project painting with dreidel



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