How to draw with a cup

Easy and fun way to draw using a plastic cup

how to draw with cup tutorial

My daughter Anna loves to draw and paint.
At her age she is fascinated by all new things she sees, so we try every time to discover new ways to make the drawing even more fun and interesting.
She was really excited when I told her we will try to draw using her play dishes.

This time I draw simple, circle-based images using a plastic cup. 

At first I drew a large circle by encircling 
the top of the cup with a pencil
Then I added the same way smaller circles with the base of the cup. When the main figure is created, you can add smaller details. 

Anna found it especially fun to make up all kind of animals, and see if we can draw it with circles.
This way you can create a variety of characters such as funny faces, animals, flowers, abstract pictures and countless images for coloring pages.

How to draw with a cup

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