Simple Math Game for Kids – Learning Numbers and Counting


how to learn numbers and counting math game

I made this simple game with cards and pictures to help my daughter  learn number recognition and counting.

At first I drew a simple picture with flowers and outline the different parts of the flowers with numbers from one to four.

Then I  prepared cards with colorful stickers and marked each sticker with dots from one to four.

Of course you can make more cards and mark them with larger numbers, depending on an age/ability of your children.

how to learn numbers

This game purpose is to fill your picture with colorful stickers.

During the game child draws cards, count the number of dots on the card and attaches sticker to the suitable number on the picture. The sticker should be the same color as on the selected card.

You can make it a multi-player game by preparing a picture for each child. Each kid should take turns drawing the cards from a shared card pull and fill the picture with stickers. If they pulled a number that’s already been done the next person continues. The winner is the person who fills first the whole picture.

Simple Math Game for Kids Learning Numbers and Counting

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