4th Of July Fine Motor Skills Kids Activity

4th of July Eco-friendly, on a Budget, Easy Activity for Kids

Fine Motor Skills 4th of july kids activity fb



Few weeks ago we celebrate our independence day, and Anna prepared a beautiful blue and white flag for a kindergarten celebration. She was so proud to show her small creation to all her friends. 

Now, when I suggested to make an American flag for her little friend Michael who lives in states, she was really excited.

4th Of July Fine Motor Skills Kids Activity
Fine Motor Skills 4th of july kids activity

Because this year was dedicated to environmental issues and Anna learned a lot about recycling in the kinder garden, we decided to make an Eco-friendly, on a budget craft.
I didn’t have to buy anything for this activity, we just used stuff that we had at home:

Old journals and fliers
White paper 
Colored pencils
Small scissors for children
Glue stick

To prepare this flag I first drew a red stripes and a blue square on a white paper, and asked Anna to cut from the Journal’s blue and red areas. After this, she cut red and  blue slices into smaller pieces (I think it was her favorite part 🙂 ), and put them into two different piles. 

Then she glued the colorful pieces onto the stripes and square, and got this:

At the end I cut out white stars and Anna attached them to blue square. Anna was really happy with the result and couldn’t wait to show the flag to Michael. 

I always try to incorporate learning and fine motor skills   when we plan activities. Here Anna practiced some important skills:
– Cutting with scissors selected areas of paper (smaller kids can tear colored paper into small pieces)
– Pick up and glue small pieces onto a place.
– Match colors – red pieces onto stripes and blue on to square.

Happy Independence Day for all American friends

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