How to Draw Flowers with Flowers

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spring nature art project for kids

Spring nature – art project for kids

How to Draw Flowers with Flowers

Wherever you go you see magnificent blossom and fields full with colorful flowers you can definitely say – spring is officially here!

I absolutely love spring and adore flowers. I try to take every chance I have to capture their beauty with a camera or a paintbrush.

This time I and my 5-years old daughter tried a new way to draw flowers – without a paintbrush, using only flowers and watercolors.

spring flowers and watercolors

All you need for this project is:

colors (I used watercolors)





First we created little puddles of color with paintbrush on a color box lid or on a watercolor paper.

Then we dipped flower in color and gently pressed it down on the paper

how to drew flowers with flowers

We repeated this with different colors and added green stems using flowers stem to draw them.

how to drew flowers with flowers stems

It was fun simple project for both of us, and it made me think of all the different ways you can incorporate nature in your art.

how to drraw flowers with flowers


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